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Posted by CrazyRedders on March 7, 2017 with 4 Comments

Okay I have to admit, this isn’t really about all the great moms out there that definitely deserve this title. This Blog post is about Terrible moms who think that they are all that and a bag of chips. Who think they deserve the title of (mom of the year). But come on, we all know the truth. Now I know that there are also a lot of bad dads out there, but today I’m just covering the bad moms. With that being said, I have a toast to make. Raise your glasses up really high……..

Here’s to the moms
that use their children as a pawn or bargaining tool to get back at their ex. Or to try and get back with them. Really! Haven’t the children suffered enough! Give it up already, he doesn’t want your crazy, self loving, inconsiderate, lazy ass back. Using your kids as a pawn, is only going to make matters worse, and hurt the kids. Now I understand maybe, just maybe, you could’ve of ended the relationship because he was the ass. Still you don’t use your kids as a pawn or bargaining tool, whether it’s to try and get back with your ex or to just try to make them suffer for Ticking you off. Listen, unless he is a horrible abusive guy , then you should not hold his kids from him. If he is a great guy and father, let him see his kids. Don’t use your children for your own personal gain.

Here’s to the moms
Who abuse their kids. No kid should be abused physically, emotionally, or sexually. And no child should be neglected. Neglecting your child is another form of abuse. Take some parenting and/or anger management classes. A good parent doesn’t abuse their kids.

Here’s to the moms
That don’t put their kids above their own selfish needs and wants. You don’t need another tattoo! I repeat, you don’t need another tattoo when your kids don’t have food at home. You don’t need that new Louis Vuitton purse, when your kid needs a new book bag for school. You don’t need that new thong or bra from Victoria Secret, when your kids need new clothes. And you absolutely don’t need to go to the bar every weekend to meet new potential daddies for your kids, or to just go for the occasional hookup. You should be at home being the best mom you can be and reading your kids a bedtime story. You should not be getting drunk with strangers and spending all of your child support money or work money (if you got a job). The kids come first!

Here’s to the moms
That use ear plugs at night, so they can’t here the baby cry. I know, You must be really tired from pretending to be a great mom all day. The struggle is real, I’m sure. It’s okay, hopefully the kids dad or someone else is there to go check on the baby, because you need your rest.

Here’s to the moms
That sleep around. I guess one person is just not enough. Yeah you should probably be stamped with a warning label. “Warning, dead beat mom that whores around”. But I totally understand, you want to keep your options open. I get it!

Here’s to the moms
That put a guy before their kids. Your kids should always come first, no matter what. No Exceptions!

Here’s to the moms
Who make up excuses or lies about an illness that they just don’t have, to cancel their visitation with their kids.
Or they just pretend they have an illness for attention (Munchausen Syndrome). Listen if you’re going to lie about having a serious illness, make sure you do your research on that particular illness so your lie sounds believable.

Wait keep those glasses raised……….

Here’s to the moms
That bad mouth the other parent. Stop! This is so wrong. Remember you never look good, when you’re trying to make someone else look bad.

Here’s to the moms
That do favors for guys while their kids are in the next room. Really!!! Wow!!! Can you get any lower?

And Here’s to the moms

That let their kids do whatever they want, and talk however they want. This isn’t cool. First the kid is going to walk all over you. You will lose all control. Second their probably going to get into some kind of trouble, seeing that they have no rules. And third, society isn’t going to like them very much, because they have no respect.

I’m sure there is way more stuff that I’m missing. Come on everyone, add something to this toast J

Okay so with your glasses raised really high, Here’s to the Moms Of The Year, AKA Bad Moms Of The Year.


Do you want to add anything to this toast? Do you know someone who deserves this title and recognition? All comments are welcome, good or bad 🙂 Please feel free to share with all your friends. And as always, thank you to all my fans. Love you all 🙂


Posted by CrazyRedders on February 21, 2017 with 7 Comments

So I was really bored the other night. When I’m bored, my mind tends to wonder. It wonders way off into my own little world, where I think of fun and crazy things I can do. So anyways, My hubby just got in the shower and I was in the living room, relaxing in the recliner, being bored and minding my own business. Then BA BAM, it hit me! The urge to flour bomb my husband just came to me. This just felt so right! I had to do this! I was definitely overwhelmed with excitement.

Okay so after preparing my enormous bowl of flour, I headed to the bathroom. Before entering the bathroom, I could hear the amazing vocals of my husband. He was probably singing to the left testicle again lol. Hopefully he doesn’t leave the right one out this time lol

So anyways, I open the door and walk in. His singing stops immediately. “What do you want woman?” I just have to grab something honey. After I said that, he continued on with his shower without another peep. I figured if I was going to make my move, it had to be now. I was on a flour bombing mission, and I was determined not to fail.

I walked up to the shower, and raised the flour bowl high above the shower curtain, and dumped it in. Then I ran like hell. I heard a lot of cussing, but I kept on running lol. I just flour bombed my husband, there was no time to be slow. I really had to haul ass here lol. I was not going to stick around to see how angry he was. I ran, grabbed the car keys, and decided to go to the store. Some grocery shopping was definitely in order.

About 45 minutes later, I arrived back home. I walked in the door, and there he was, sitting on the couch, looking sexy and pissed as ever. After taking a puff of his cigarette, and a swig of his bear, he looked at me and said “paybacks are a bitch”. I’m so sorry honey, I was just really bored and the idea just popped into my head. “Do you know how long it took me to get the flour out of my eyeball?” Which eyeball I asked? Boy if looks could kill lol. Does it matter woman. No honey, I’m so sorry. I promise to never flour bomb you again. Oh this isn’t over, I’m going to get you back. I love that my husband has such a good sense of humor. He is definitely perfect for me 🙂

So have you ever floured bombed your better half before? How did he or she react? If you’re bored, it’s definitely a fun prank to try lol.


Posted by CrazyRedders on February 9, 2017 with 53 Comments

I’m just going to get right to the point. Let’s talk about porn! I want everyone’s thoughts on this subject. In a relationship, if you read porn, should your better half be able to watch it?? In my opinion, I say yes. I read porn, and I believe that my hubby should be able to […]