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Posted by CrazyRedders on February 24, 2017 with 2 Comments

So who else watched that Heartbreaking episode of Nashville last night?? How did you feel about what happened? I for one, Wasn’t pleased. Words can’t even describe how angry and sad I am. I never expected them to kill off one of the main characters (Rayna James). I honestly don’t know if the show can now survive without her, but we will see. Do you think the show will survive? What do you think about Teddy Conrad coming back? Isn’t he suppose to be in jail still? I guess we’ll find out everything better in the weeks to come. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to be able to handle watching Rayna’s funeral next week. This is all just so sad. I still can’t believe it’s true. RIP Rayna James:( Your character will definitely be missed.

I would like to know all of your opinions. Are you just as devastated as I am? Yesterday was definitely a horrible day for all us Nashies.