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What autoimmune disease are you struggling with?? Do you have good doctors? Do you have a good support system?

I got diagnosed with a rare tumor in my eye almost 3 years ago.The name of this tumor is “Orbital pseudo-tumor”. I was told that this tumor was caused by an autoimmune disease. They have yet to find out which autoimmune disease caused it. I will have it for the rest of my life. They think there is one in my other eye now too. The good news is that it’s not cancerous and it’s finally in remission now!It took a long time to put it in remission.

I had to do 1000 mg of Prednisone daily and 1000 mg of steroids through an IV 3 times a week. I also had to do cancer treatments of Rituximab. I can’t stand my doctors! I’m just going be honest, they’re assholes! Sometimes I don’t think they know what the hell they’re doing. I felt like a celebrity when I had to stay in the hospital because not many people have heard of this tumor, and so many doctors from all over came to see and talk with me. I had to keep telling my story over and over to each of them. It was exhausting!

Even though the tumor/tumors are in remission, I still struggle everyday with the horrible symptoms. The doctors say, that I will have to deal with all the horrible symptoms for the rest of my life. They said, it’s just a part of the disease. I am blessed though! I have a wonderful support system and the tumors are not cancerous! I hope and pray they find out what autoimmune disease I have….

Do you suffer from and autoimmune disease? I would love to hear your story too.


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So lets talk about love at first sight! I personally don’t believe in it. Never have, and never will! Let me just put an image in your head for a second. Picture this, you’re going for a walk. It’s a beautiful spring day, sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are in full bloom, etc. As You’re walking down the street on this glorious day, something catches your eye. What you may ask? Only the most sexiest male/female you’ve every seen!! Oh those sparkling blue eyes with a hint of green, lips made for kissing, and that ass! The sweetest ass you’ve ever seen! I know it might be tough, but try to hold it together.

As you’re glancing at this sexy, tempting, provocative creature, something exciting happens. That’s right! He/or she makes eye contact with you. It’s all over now! Lets get it on by Marvin Gaye starts playing in your mind! You’re so overwhelmed with joy and excitement, you don’t even know where you are anymore. All you know is that this sexy creature (who is probably from another dimension) Is staring right at you, and nothing else matters.

Without thinking, you both start walking towards each other simultaneously. It was like the universe was pulling you together. In your mind it was Love at First Sight!! As soon as you become face to face with one another. BAM! It was pure electric! Yeah, you probably don’t even remember your name anymore. After a few minutes of pure excitement and memory loss, you’re able to regain composure. It’s a miracle! That was close one, you almost lost it. Without even thinking, you both exchange numbers.

Two nights later, you two went on a date. It was the best date ever!!! Since the date went so well, and you both had such a powerful connection (it was like you were destined to be together), you invited him/ or her in and……………………………

YOU‘RE A GONER! No one heard from you again. You invited a complete stranger into your house, Just because you thought it was love at first sight.

Now I know not all love stories end like this, but some do. You got to try and see past the big boobs, muscles, magical eyes, onion booty’s, and sexy abs. You have to try and think logical in these situations. I’m sure it will be hard, but you can do it!

In my opinion, It’s not Love at First Sight, It’s Lust at First Sight!



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So I thought I would start having family feud Wednesdays! What do you think?? It’s always interesting when family members can’t get along lol. As I start discussing a different family feud topic each week, let me know if there is something I haven’t thought of yet for this subject, that you would like me […]


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So it was like any other normal night at home. The hubby was watching tv (Al Bundy style). Our teenage daughter already headed to bed for the night with her favorite book. And I was preparing my fur babies pebbles and Mr.slate (AKA hunka loo loo) for bed. After they did their business outside, we […]

Happy Fathers Day!

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Happy fathers day to all the wonderful fathers out there! You know who you are! And Happy fathers day to all the fathers that are with us in spirit! You will never be forgotten 🙂 Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Okay I have to admit, this isn’t really about all the great moms out there that definitely deserve this title. This Blog post is about Terrible moms who think that they are all that and a bag of chips. Who think they deserve the title of (mom of the year). But come on, we all […]


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Okay give me one WORD or SENTENCE, that describes the best KISS you have ever gotten. We’re talking about That one amazing, incredible, sexy,hot, mind blowing, seeing stars kind of kiss. The one that tops any other kiss you’ve ever gotten. Whether you’ve experienced it with an EX, a fling, or with the current love […]


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So I was really bored the other night. When I’m bored, my mind tends to wonder. It wonders way off into my own little world, where I think of fun and crazy things I can do. So anyways, My hubby just got in the shower and I was in the living room, relaxing in the […]


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I’m just going to get right to the point. Let’s talk about porn! I want everyone’s thoughts on this subject. In a relationship, if you read porn, should your better half be able to watch it?? In my opinion, I say yes. I read porn, and I believe that my hubby should be able to […]


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To commit or not to commit, is the question? This is a subject that hits too close to home for me. And I’m sure for a lot of you out there as well. Back in the day, I could care less about commitment. I was young and having fun lol. As I got older, I […]