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Posted by CrazyRedders on November 15, 2017 with 12 Comments

So it was like any other normal night at home. The hubby was watching tv (Al Bundy style). Our teenage daughter already headed to bed for the night with her favorite book. And I was preparing my fur babies pebbles and Mr.slate (AKA hunka loo loo) for bed. After they did their business outside, we headed to bed.

About 10 minutes of relaxing in bed watching everybody loves Raymond. BAM! Out of nowhere my 80 pound dog Hunka comes jumping right at me, and my leg was the number target. Before I could even react, he took hold of my left leg and started making sweet sweet love to it. I tried so hard to break myself free from this humping machine, but I couldn’t. He was too strong. I started screaming help!! I kept hoping that someone would hear my pleas of distress. I couldn’t even reach my phone to send out an SOS.

As I continued to scream for help. BA- BAM! Pebbles comes flying in my direction. But this time hunka was the target. Pebbles heard my pleas for help before anyone else. She jumped on hunka loo loo like a boss, and started humping the crap out of him. She got right into the same rhythm as him. It was like the humps were timed just right. It was humping at it’s finest! Now I understand that she was only trying to help save her momma, but now I got 2 big dogs on me. Just picture it for a moment. I was flat on my back, Hunka was humping me, and pebbles was humping him, the headboard was banging against the wall, and both dogs had such fierce determination in their eyes. It wasn’t a pretty picture. I was stuck in a humping nightmare. It was a vicious humping cycle, with no end in sight. I kept hoping and praying that the humping would cease or someone would come to my rescue me.

After giving it all I got and screaming louder this time, Someone else finally heard my pleas! My Hubby and daughter burst through the door and started yelling at the dogs to get off of me. My fur babies listened to them immediately. My leg was finally free! I took a breath of relief. And we all started laughing uncontrollably.

Have you ever experienced something like this with your fur babies? Were any of you stuck in an incredibly odd position?

As always thank you for all the love and support. I hope you enjoyed this story. It’s 100% true, and the struggle was definitely real.