Posted by CrazyRedders on August 4, 2016

A Couple nights ago, the hubby just got home from work and suddenly I felt the need to play some music. Imagine that lol. Anyone who knows me, knows I always have the need to jam to music and hit them high notes. And it drives my hubby crazy lol. With that being said I decided to take it back, back to the 80’s. I absolutely love the 80’s! Anyways, after listening and jamming to (nothings gonna stop us now by Starship)KIMG0453 and (is this love by Whitesnake)KIMG0454 and then giving it all I got and really hitting them high notes to ( How will I know by Whitney Houston), Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes came on. At that moment I was long gone, in my own little world. I was one with the music, and had no control over my body or voice anymore. The 80’s just do something to me, I just can’t explain it. As I continued to sing and jam, I suddenly snapped out of my 80’s trance. What made me snap out of it you ask? Well I’ll tell you. While I was down on both knees with both arms spread out, raised above my shoulders, really giving it my all to Bette Davis Eyes. You know really going for it, really hitting them high notes. I felt like I was Mariah Carey on stage, in front of millions of people. And I was just giving the people what they wanted. KIMG0456 It was a wonderful feeling. Then out of nowhere, BAM , I heard the hubby singing out loud, also hitting the high notes. Normally he is telling me to shut the hell up, because my singing drives him nuts. But no, instead he’s trying to steal my thunder. He ruined my whole performance. Now it was on, on like Donkey Kong. I could hear him singing, but he was nowhere in sight. After telling my imaginary band to take 10, I decided to let his singing guide me. I followed the singing all the way to the bathroom door. With one quick movement, I swung the bathroom door open and stepped inside. Nothing could of prepared me for what I walked into. He was also putting on a performance of his own, while taking a pee. While standing over the toilet, with his prize possession aiming perfectly without any help from the hands, my husband had his head back with his arms spread wide, singing Bette Davis Eyes. Yep, talent at it’s finest! Honey what are you doing? What does it look like I’m doing woman? I just looked at him and said, well if I had to guess, I’d probably say you were trying to steal my thunder. You know, try to take the spotlight for yourself. Believe me women, I wasn’t trying to take your spotlight. I was singing to my left testicle. Really! Where was righty in all this? Why was lefty the only one to get a solo performance from you? Well I’m left handed, so I always gear towards the left. Do you have a problem with my performance honey? Putting aside the fact that you interrupted my performance, I thought your performance was great. It’s not everyday you see someone singing to their left testicle. In fact, I would even consider working with you in the future. We would make a great team! If we would put both of our performances together, we would be a sold out concert. Woman you are crazy, but that’s why I love you 🙂 I do have a suggestion though. And what is that, he asked? Well for your future performances, you should look at your testicles as a math problem. What you do to one side, you should always do to the other. It’s not right to pick favorites. Just saying. Noted, now can I finish peeing in peace. Okay, but keep it down, I got my own performance going on out here. I gotta give the people what they want again, and I can’t have any distractions. Okay honey, go give the people what they want and leave me the hell alone. Little privacy please.

It’s moments like these, that I’m reminded how much of an inspiration my hubby is in my life. Whether it’s singing, dancing, loving, parenting, ect, we make the perfect team.


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