Posted by CrazyRedders on August 28, 2016

thumbnail_KIMG0067So lets get straight to the point. My husband and I are always arguing over toilet paper. Yep you heard me right. We argue over toilet paper lol. He likes soft toilet paper, because he doesn’t want to wipe with something that feels like sand paper. Well I prefer the sand paper. I don’t need something that makes me feel like I’m high up in the clouds in magical ultra soft land, with dancing fairies and unicorns. My hubby on the other hand, prefers the fairies and the unicorns. All I need is my bathroom that was built in 1934 and my rough sand paper. So I’m sure we are not the only couple out there that have toilet paper differences. So tell me everyone, do you prefer Soft or Hard??? Do you prefer to be in magical ultra soft land or wiping with sand paper??? It will be interesting to see all your comments.

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