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Posted by CrazyRedders on December 19, 2016

Snapshot_20150715_6One thing you will learn about me, is that I’m really honest and not shy. I will share all the crazy, gruesome details and will never hold back. I also promise 100% full disclosure to all my fans. Besides nobody’s perfect. And I will never pretend to be perfect. I love the person that I’ve become.

I love talking about poop explosions, the pink and blue balls, deodorant, brushing with balmex, how rough toilet paper is so much better than the soft, penis injuries and flying suppositories and much more.

I will also always stand up for what I believe in. As you all may know, I’m a proud supporter of trying to rid the world of chapped genitals, my husband singing to his testicles, filling up past the over flow. And I’m really passionate about raising awareness about those fleas that cause penis injuries. Straight up people, protect what’s yours, and watch out for them fleas. I know first hand what could happen. Just ask my hubby. He’s still traumatized, and I’m still providing emotional support.

My hobbies consist of Driving my husband crazy, singing karaoke, farming on face book, reading, bowling, dancing ( I love doing the running man and moon walking), gardening, And most importantly writing.

I’m also a proud mom of a beautiful daughter, and fur mom to 3 dogs and 1 rabbit. I’m also a proud wife to one hell of a sexy beast. Life is good!

Bottom line, Just be you J Don’t ever let anyone ever bring you down. You are all special in your own way. There is never any judgment here at Crazyredders. I love all of you.

Tell me what you’re proud of? What are you passionate about? And what do you love the most? And if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask anything.

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