Posted by CrazyRedders on December 19, 2016

So lets talk about them Steroids. I have a love hate relationship with prednisone. Anyone who has taken this medicine before, knows first hand about what it does to you. And I’m not going to lie, this medicine F’s you up. But it also is a big help. So I’m here to tell you about the 7 dwarfs of prednisone.

1.) Your face goes from looking like a slice of pizza to looking like the whole damn pizza . (MOON FACE) It’s not pretty site, I assure you. There was people that I have known for a long time, that didn’t even recognize me anymore. Hell I didn’t even recognize myself. After few weeks on the prednisone, I guess you could say I was a whole new person lol

2.)Your mood changes drastically. It’s a little thing called ROID RAGE. All my life, I have always been a happy, positive, sweet, compassionate, people loving person. Once the steroids got me, yep that was all over. I was growling at my husband, cussing out the machine at the self checkout at a grocery store, I got smart with the manager at a restaurant for discontinuing one of my favorite meals. This medicine made me crazy, mean. It’s like I grew a set of nuts over night, And I felt like I could take on the whole world.

3.) So then there’s the BUFFALO HUMP. Yep That’s right, You get a Hump on the back of your neck. And not a little hump either. This one is quite noticeable. In fact if it got any bigger, it would connect to your back, And it would look like you were the hunchback of notre dame.

4.) Lets get to the FOOD CRAVINGS. Everyone’s experience is different when taking this medication. For me, I wanted to eat everything in site. I was hungry 24/7. And if I didn’t get food, lets just say I wasn’t too happy.

5.) Then you know with all those food cravings, The weight just piles on you. From my experience and the experience of other people I know, who have taken this medicine, it doesn’t matter if you eat or not. You will BLOW up. Eating a lot really doesn’t help though. You have no self control on this medicine. I gained a whopping 50 pounds in 3 months. You could just imagine the stretch marks I got. It looked like FREDDY GOT ME.
6.) Ever have trouble sleeping (INSOMNIA)? Well if you take prednisone, you have a real good chance of not being able to sleep. I have always been a good sleeper. My dosage was so high with the steroids that I hardly got any sleep. I had so much energy. My doctors gave me sleeping a pill, which was bad for me. It’s not good to give a sleep walker sleeping pills. It worked on me, I was able to sleep. It worked so well that I was sleep walking and eating out of the garbage, per my husband.

7.) Then there’s all the possible HEALTH RISKS associated with taking this medicine for a long period of time. Just to name a few, there’s steroids induced diabetes, liver issues, eye problems, thinning of the bones leading to osteoporosis, and many more possible health risks. When I started to taking prednisone, it was to help one problem. It definitely helped my problem, but also gave me a ton more problems. I was on high doses of steroids for a little over a year, so you can just imagine the problems I got from this medicine.

So there you have it, the 7 dwarfs of prednisone. Now I know there’s more than just 7, but today I’m just listing what I think are the top 7. I guess when it comes to prednisone, you have to take the good with the bad. I’m still recovering from the effects of prednisone.

So have any of you ever took steroids before, and experienced the same problems that I have? I want to hear your story.


  • Luiza Careli says:

    Hahahahahaha. Intristing. Predisol is a steroid that acts on glucose metabolism, when someone soffer some injure, the level of predisol becomes higher thats why everybody know predisona as “srtress steroid”. Funny that in the morning we find a lot of this steroid in our boddy.maybe thas why we get up so angry. 😠

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