Penis Injury (Teaser)

Posted by CrazyRedders on June 11, 2014

Okay Ladies and Gents, lets get real.  What would you do if a flea ruined your plans with your better half ?  Where not talking about just any plans here.  Where talking about hardcore crazy sex night plans.  You know a few smacks, and don’t forget the snacks, pulling of the hair with that hot stare, OMG your going to see flares, with a scream here or there, you might even shed a tear.  You get my drift.  Then “BAM” a flea swoops in and ruins the whole thing, all 50 shades of it.  What would you do?


Look out for this great story on Friday the 13th.  And always feel free to comment , like, and share.  Tell all your friends about Penis Injury:)  Release date: Friday June 13th 2014.

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