Posted by CrazyRedders on February 22, 2017

Okay give me one WORD or SENTENCE, that describes the best KISS you have ever gotten. We’re talking about That one amazing, incredible, sexy,hot, mind blowing, seeing stars kind of kiss. The one that tops any other kiss you’ve ever gotten. Whether you’ve experienced it with an EX, a fling, or with the current love of your life, I want to hear about it. I could probably write a book on the most amazing kiss I’ve ever experienced. I’ll never forget it 🙂 Since I don’t have time to write that amazing book, I’ll just give you a few words. rough but gentle, perfect rhythm, mind blowing (which I mentioned above), oh the list goes on. Did I mention super hot! It was the kind of kiss, that made you want to do bad things. Really bad things 🙂 I can still feel that kiss on my lips, every time I think about it.

Okay so give me one word or sentence, or even a paragraph that describes the most mind blowing kiss you have ever experienced in your life 🙂


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