Spanking A Chicken (Fact or Fiction )

Posted by CrazyRedders on April 4, 2014

The moment you all been waiting for.  Fact or Fiction Friday 🙂


Spanking A Chicken

Well I heard of choking your chicken because I often believe that’s what my husband is doing in the bathroom when he’s in there for a long period of time lol.   he denies it though.   But I have never heard of spanking a chicken until recently.  My friend told me that back  in the day when her and her brother would go to collect the eggs from the chicken coop, they would get attacked by this one chicken.  she said that anyone who would go into the coop, would get attacked by this chicken.  Well their mother was fed up with this chicken, ( Hey there’s only so much you one can take from a chicken )  so she went into the coop and when the chicken tried to attack her again, she spanked it.  (Hey where not talking about abuse here, just a couple love taps to the chickens feathery bottom.)  After she spanked the it , she pointed at it and said bad girl, very bad girl.  I think the chicken was in shock, because she told me that after her mother spanked the chicken , the chicken ran into a dark corner and stayed there for awhile.  She also told me that the chicken never attacked anyone ever again after that.

So  i’m asking all of you, do you think this is FACT OR FICTION?   And has anyone out there ever spanked a chicken before or knows someone who has.  I want to hear your stories and your opinions on this.  Post your comments below and share this story with your friends.



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