Posted by CrazyRedders on October 5, 2014

1378314_658836504150022_2066483014_nTo get straight to the point.  It was like any other night at my boyfriends house.  Just the usual, dinner, movie, then bed.  When we got to his room he looked at me and said, we have been dating for a couple months now and i’m ready to take our relationship to the next level.  I was standing their thinking what the next level could possibly be after dating for only 2 months.  I just said okay.  He then walked over to the end table next to the bed and opened the drawer.   I thought my eyes were were seeing things, but no that wasn’t the case, I wish it was though.  My boyfriend just pulled a whip out of the drawer.  It was an oh fuck moment, like who the fuck am I dating kind of moment.  What do you want to do with that I said.  I thought we could try this in the bedroom tonight.  I just looked at him and said okay.  With that being said, we both got naked.  After I finished getting naked he handed me the whip right away.  He wanted to get right to it.  I guess right to getting his ass whooped lol.  After handing me the whip, he got on all fours on the bed with his face facing the wall and his ass facing me.  He couldn’t see me at all, which was a good thing considering I was trying to hold my laugh in.  I was having a hard time taking this seriously.

Whip me , I have been a naughty boy he said.  I started pacing back and forth saying to myself, you can do this, you can do this,  who the fuck am I kidding, I can’t do this.  Whip me, he said again.  This time I whacked him on the ass with the whip in the nicest possible way because I was afraid I was going to hurt him.  What was that he said  Come on whip me harder.  So this time I gave 100 percent.  I really whipped him.  That’s better, now keep whipping me and this time start talking dirty to me he said.  As if the whip wasn’t traumatizing enough, now I have to talk dirty.  I starting whipping him again and the only thing dirty I could come up with was (do you like that) .  He then got up and said lets try something different.  He told me to get on the bed.  He had me sit upright on my knees.  Then he got behind me on the bed, he wrapped his arms and the whip around the front of me.  The whip was right in front of me up against my chest with his hands gripping each of the ends of the whip.  My body was locked in.  What happened next was going to stay with me for the rest of my life.  A complete shocker.

While keeping me in the hold, he started making our bodies go in a circular motion together.  Round and round.  As he was doing this, out loud he kept saying woo, woo,woo.  He kept repeating the motion and kept saying woo, woo, woo.  AT that moment I couldn’t hold my laugh in any longer.  When he heard me chuckle, he stopped right away and said that’s it where never doing this again.  You can’t even take it seriously.  He then put the whip back in the drawer.  I’m  sorry , this is just not me, and I’m kinda worried whats going to come after 6 months of dating lol.  I said, what next a battery operated drill or nipple shockers.  I think I’m going to go home now, this has just been too much for one night.  If he said something after that, I didn’t hear it, I just headed home.

What did you all think about this story?  Whats your first time Whip story?  Do you think she was smart for leaving or do you think she should of stayed ?

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