Posted by CrazyRedders on October 7, 2014

GetAttachment (5)So my husband always has something smart to say, but I have to admit he’s funny.  He’s got some good ones.  I guess that’s why we fit so well together, we both have a funny sense of humor.  So almost a year ago the night of our rehearsal dinner, while everyone was setting up for the wedding, I guess he couldn’t help himself.  He walked up to the memorial table that we had set up for pictures of our loved ones who were no longer with us, and he said theirs a picture missing.  What picture is missing I asked him?  Out loud he said the picture of my balls is missing.  I laughed and said your crazy.  I’m serious woman, I want a picture of my balls on the memorial table, and I want it to say gone but not forgotten.  Honey stop worrying about your balls and get back to work, we got shit to do I lol.  What I’m just saying.  Just putting it out their that my balls deserve a spot on the table he said.  I just couldn’t help but laugh, he’s too much.

So what do you think about the plan my soon to be husband had for his balls???

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