Posted by CrazyRedders on October 9, 2014

GetAttachment (6)So about a couple of years back, or maybe it was a few years back.  I don’t know, it’s been so long I can’t remember lol.  Well anyways, I signed up at my local gym.  Upon signing up, I also signed up for their Butts and Guts class.  I was so excited about taking the class because I wanted to get rid of the gut and turn my buns of aluminum into buns of steel.  Needless to say I was ready.

After a few weeks of taking the class, I couldn’t get enough of it.  This class was awesome!  I learned something though.  Don’t eat gassy foods prior to taking the class because farts will fly.  NO JOKE.  I’m just putting that out there.

Well one late Thursday evening, I was at my class like usual, However their was a different instructor this time because the regular instructor had to take the night off.  After class was over, I went into the bathroom to change my clothes like I always do.  After I was done changing, I opened the bathroom door and all I saw was darkness.  Nobody in sight and all the lights were off.  Everyone had left including the instructor.  So you know what that means, yep my ass was locked in.  I really need to stop getting myself into these situations.  I started to freak out a little bit.  For 1.) I was stuck in the dark by myself, 2.) I didn’t want the police to drive by and think I was robbing the place, and 3.) Their might be a ghost in here with me, and I’m not talking about casper here.  I’m talking about straight up from the grave looking like the grim reaper type of ghost, and just my luck it would probably be demonic too.  If I don’t think quick, hell even Chuckie might  show up.  So I did the only thing I thought was right at the time.  I called 911.

911 whats your emergency, the operator asked.  I started to tell her everything.  From the buts and guts class to changing in the bathroom, then realizing that everyone had left with out me and I was locked in.  I also told her to send someone quick to help me.  Ma’am someone will come when they can, this is not a major emergency she said.  Yes it is, their could be a ghost in here with me, and I don’t want to take any chances.  Ma’am is this a prank phone call she said.  NO I’m being for real here.  I’m not joking, please send someone.

So many minutes later, 3 police cars show up.  Keep in mind their was a local police station on the same street as the gym.  Instead of sending those cops, they sent the state police.  So it’s not a major emergency, but the state police were sent. huh.  3 cops walked up to the door and told me to just try and open the door from my end.  So I did, and the door opened right up without any problems and no alarm sounded at all.  Man I’m such a dumb ass, I thought to myself.  I noticed the cops were laughing amongst themselves.  One of the cops asked me for my license and registration.  Why I wasn’t driving I said.  Ma’am license and registration please.  Fine but I have to find my keys in my purse first.  With that being said I lifted my big ass book bag looking purse up on my car and starting searching.  I starting taking out spray bottles, a hair brush, chocolate, pads out of my purse to try and find my keys.  I’m glad I left my handcuffs at home tonight, because I probably would of had some explaining  to do.  Holy shit you could kill someone with that purse, one of the cops said.  I just looked at him and said, I know right.

Well after finally finding my keys, I was able to show the officers my credentials.  After that they told me I could leave.  Thank goodness because I had enough crazy for one night.  Even tho I was a little embarrassed and feeling like a dumb ass, I wasn’t going to let this stop me from achieving my goal.  I was going to continue to take the classes to get my buns of steel lol

So what did you think about this crazy story?  Would you have handled it differently?  Please feel free to share this story with all your friends 🙂

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