Posted by CrazyRedders on October 14, 2014

So a friend of mine came to me with her story.  She wants me to share it on my blog, and she wishes to remain anonymous.  So here it is…….

It was a Friday night and my husband and I made plans to hang out with his cousin and his wife.  When we arrived, Us woman went up to the kitchen to prepare dinner, while the men got the fire started.  After helping prepare the food, I went down stairs to get a drink.  I didn’t see my husband, he must of been using the bathroom.  His cousin approached me and said, hey I was talking to your hubby and he said I could see you boobs.  He gave me permission to see them, but don’t tell my wife.  I was completely speechless.  At that very moment his wife  called down for me, she needed help with something in the kitchen.  I gotta go, I told him.  As I started walking away he said, don’t worry I’ll catch you alone in the house one of these days.  I just kept walking.  I can’t believe my husband would do something like this to me.  I was shocked to say the least.  For the rest of the night, I held my pee in because I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught by myself in the house with him.  I would have to hit him.  I would love to hit both of them actually.  When my husband and I got home later that night, I asked him, why did you tell your cousin he could see my boobs?  Whats the big deal, just show him your boobs.  No i’m not, these are my boobs, not yours, and I’m not going to let you pimp them out.  He looked at me and said, you got a ring on your finger right, those boobs are bought and payed for.  I gave him the most evil look you could think of.  He then said , I’m just kidding you honey, don’t worry I’ll have a talk with him.  You won’t have to show him your boobs.  I wasn’t going to anyways I said.  Don’t ever do this to me again I told him.  I promise I won’t he said.  After that we went to bed.

So what did you think of my friends story?  How would you have handled this situation? Please like, comment and share with all your friends 🙂

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