Posted by CrazyRedders on October 15, 2014


So My husband and I were arguing over if the kings restaurant in our area served beer or not.  He didn’t think so , but I new they did.  He said, but woman it’s a family restaurant.  I know it is, but it’s a new thing that they just started doing I said to him, but if you don’t believe me, we can bet on it.  Your on, and if I win I want road head till i’m dead he said.  I started to laugh, are you serious.   Fine if you get road head till your dead, then what do I get.  He said what do you mean if you win, Your not going to win. We’ll see about that, Lets just get to the restaurant so we can find out who’s right I said.

Once we got to the restaurant, we took a seat. When the waiter came over and asked us what we wanted to drink, right away my husband asked for a beer. The waiter said, coming right up sir. He was shocked to say the least. My husband was thrilled and disappointed at the same time. He was happy that they served beer but disappointed about losing the bet. He really wanted road head till he was dead lol

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