Posted by CrazyRedders on December 2, 2014

Do you have hard chapped vagina lips, or is your penis and balls chapped. Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones and haven’t experienced the chapping yet.  Well whether or not the genitals are chapped, i’m here to inform you that It’s almost winter time, and you got to get a plan in place to protect the genitals.  People I can’t stress this enough, if the genitals are chapped , there goes all the fun right out the window.  Yeah that’s right, no crazy sex night.  Now we don’t want this to happen, now do we.  Absolutely not!  If we don’t got sex what do we have lol  Sex is a must.  So I listed below 3 steps you can take to prevent you from getting chapped genitals.

1- Get a Genital massage from your partner.  Make sure he or she creams you up with some of the best cream that’s out there.  I personally like the udder cream, but my husband prefers the Vaseline.  Hey the genitals need some interaction.  They won’t be able to prevent from getting chapped without a little help.  Lets show some genital love.

2- Clean and soak the shit out of them. Soaking can never hurt. You got to de-stress the genitals and of course cleaning is a must.

3- Last but not least.  I want you to skip, dance, do the moon walk, and the running man around the house in your birthday suit.  Because we all know that the genitals need some airing out from time to time, plus it wouldn’t hurt to work on them dance moves.  Kill 2 birds with one stone.  You could be hip and have non chapped genitals.  How great would that be.

So their you have it, the 3 steps to prevent genital chapping. Or it can also help if the genitals are already chapped. If you follow these steps, I promise you , you will have the best looking genitals ever.  Your friends will be jealous.

Please feel free to share with all your family and friends.  We got to get the word out there people.  Lets show some genital love and spread the word.

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