Posted by CrazyRedders on January 17, 2015

bar 2So my husband and I went to the bar the other night.  It was so nice to finally get to go out for a change instead of being stuck in the house.  We sat at the bar and ordered our drinks.  Normally I always order a pop, anybody who knows me, knows that I don’t like to drink.  Just a coke and a smile does it for me.  But I decided that one drink wasn’t going to hurt, so  I ordered a sex on the beach, and the bartender who made it, did a great job, it tasted awesome.  After sucking down the alcoholic beverage, I was feeling really good lol.  I guess for never drinking, I had such a low tolerance.  I started giggling.  My husband looked at me laughing and said woman your crazy, but I’m glad your enjoying yourself.  Do you want another drink he asked ?  You just want to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me.  He lifted my left hand up and pointed to my wedding rings and said, please woman, I don’t have to take advantage of you , I own this lol.  Your all mine, bought and payed for.  After he said that I took my hand back and started taking my rings off, and looked at him and said come on honey show me what you got, try to pick me up.  Pretend were not married.  Come on I want to see what your working with here 🙂   He started laughing , your so crazy honey , but that’s why I love you.  As he continued laughing I said come on show me how you would pick me up.  I can’t he said.  Well why not, I asked him.  He leaned in real close and said Because  If Unzip my pants right now then we will both get kicked out of here.  That’s how you were going to pick me up I asked him. Woman you know damn well if I would unzip my pants right now , that would be game.  I started laughing and said you know me so well honey lol. We then both started laughing.  He then leaned in and a gave me a kiss.  I’m truly blessed, in more ways than one 🙂 I  love my husband so much.

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