Posted by CrazyRedders on January 17, 2015


So in previous posts of my blog I have discussed that my husband doesn’t posses the ability to shut the hell up.  With that being said let me tell you what happened a few months before our wedding date.  We had to meet up with the reverend to discuss what was going to happened at the wedding.  Soon as we got to the church we sat down and started talking with the reverend.  The reverend started asking us questions like how did you meet, how long have you been together ect.  Well like always my husband can’t help himself.  And for some odd reason he thought it was important to tell the reverend that I look like side show bob when I first wake up in the morning.  I was about to do a Gibbs on him and smack him upside is head.  But that wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate.  Oh but he was definitely getting it when we got home lol.  Him and the reverend were both laughing.  My husband looked at me and said what I’m just being honest in the house of the Lord.  Man he really drives me crazy sometimes.

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