Posted by CrazyRedders on February 23, 2015

1459961_663621323671540_1461413705_nI have been through a lot in my past, but I wouldn’t change one bit of it. My past has made me the person I am today. I am proud of how my life has turned out and I’m proud of the person I have become.

In honor of my past, I prepared a speech. Alright everyone raise them glasses up high. Here’s to all my past relationships and experiences. You know who you are.

-Here’s to the skater boy with all the great moves

-And here’s to the male stripper I use to date. Thank you for the striptease that you would do for every A I got in college. That’s motivation at it’s finest!

-Here’s to the cowboy That could really fill out them jeans.

-Here’s to the tattoo artist. You were one hell of a kisser.

-Oh and here’s to the ginger with good vibes.

-Here’s to the idiot that wanted a prenup when he didn’t have anything lol

-Here’s to the mechanic. Thanks for the free service.

-Here’s to the mama’s boy who refused to kiss on the first date. Hey there’s nothing wrong with that.

-Here’s to the military guy for showing up at my door for our second date holding his alarm clock. You made it real easy for me to kick you to the curb.

-And here’s to the lunatic that chased my car down because I cancelled our date. I guess my instincts were right.

And here’s to the rest that didn’t make the list today. Thanks for all the different and unique experiences. Each and every one of you brought me a step closer to the sexy redneck from the rocks. (rocks short for mckees rocks)

Keep your glasses raised up, not done yet. Here’s to all the parties, clubbing, bonfires, camping and fishing trips, karaoke bars. Here’s to friendships, heartaches, losses, tears, and here’s to all the times I got lost because I have bad sense of direction. I guess bad direction can be good too. I found love without a gps lol

All of this plus more has led me to the Redneck From The Rocks. One of the many blessings my past led me too. And I will be forever thankful for that.

Here’s to the past everyone. Cheers!!

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