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1888547_878072072226463_4070719146762077028_nSo this is a story about how and why it took six years for my husband to finish remodeling our upstairs bathroom.

Let me just start off by saying that, I adore my husband and I love him dearly, but he is a real pain in my butt.  He likes to put things off all the time.  And I’m not talking about a few days.  He likes to put things off for years.  Throughout the years every time I would ask him “When are you going to fix the bathroom?”  He would always say, I need to think about how I’m going to do everything.  I’m no expert, but I didn’t think it took years of thinking to remodel a bathroom.  After all the years of all that hard thinking he had to do , I should’ve had the bathroom of my dreams by now.

Well here’s how it all started.  Lets rewind back to the year 2008, when my husband had more hair, my daughter was in kindergarten and I was 20 pounds lighter. yeah those were some good times.

Well anyways, one late night, I just finished taking a bath. I lifted the lever to drain the water.  A couple minutes later I hear my husband yelling and cussing up a storm.  I run downstairs to see what his major malfunction was.  As soon as I made it to where he was, “which was the kitchen”, I saw a major leak coming through the kitchen ceiling.  The leaking was coming from the upstairs bathroom.  I bet you can probably guess that my husband wasn’t too happy at that moment.  Hey there’s worse things that could happen.  I try to think positive.

The very next day my husband decided he was not only going to fix, but also remodel the whole bathroom. Woo hoo my man was on a mission, and nothing was going  to stop him lol  He gave me a kiss goodbye and headed to the hardware store.  He returned about hour and half later with all the supplies.  After telling me about everything he bought, he headed upstairs and got down to business.  Man I love it when he gets down to business.  There is nothing sexier than your man fixing something that’s on the fix list.  It’s an absolute turn on.

Well after a few hours of getting down to business, he called me upstairs to tell me he was all finished.  The bathroom looked great!  Everything was done except for the new tile, which we could take care of that on another day.  Later on that night I decided I was ready for round 2 “yeah baby”.  I was going to try and take a bath again since he fixed it.  After the bath, I got out and wrapped a towel around me and lifted the lever to drain the water.  Yep you guessed it lol.  Wouldn’t you know it , a couple minutes later, I hear my loving and caring husband yelling and cussing again.  This time I knew what his major malfunction was. You didn’t have to be a psychic to what got his tighty whities in a twist.  When I got down stairs I tried to calm him down.  You know, be the best wife I could be.

Honey it’s okay, don’t worry abut this tonight, we’ll worry about this tomorrow.  Well if looks could kill lol  He looked at me and said, Woman I layed the floor already, and I”m not lifting the floor up.  Now If we want it fixed, we have to cut a hole in the kitchen ceiling, and i don’t know when I will be able to get to cutting that hole.  I just looked at him and said, okay honey I understand, just go relax and I’ll clean the water up.  He then just stomped away.

Now lets flash forward 6 years to the year 2014,  Now my husband doesn’t have as much hair as he use too, my daughter is in the 5th grade  and has a smart mouth, and I put on a few or more pounds, but whose counting, right!

Throughout the past 6 years I would ask my hubby when he was going to fix the bathroom and he would just come up with the “I’m thinking ”  excuse again.  After waiting 6 years, I felt it was time to get my bathroom fixed.  Hell I deserved a good functioning bath tub.  I really missed taking a bath.  I was determined to get my bathroom fixed this year.  I was done with the excuses, and the whining, and I was definitely done with the thinking.  I was the one on a mission this time lol.  After revving up the ginger in me, I walked right up to him and I asked him, Honey since we have nothing going on today, would you please try and fix the bathroom?  Sure honey, I was planning on doing it anyways he said.  I was truly shocked by his response.  I’m glad plan A worked, because if he would of said no, I was going to have let the crazy out with plan B.  I personally like to call plan B “ginger snap”.

About 20 minutes or so later, my hubby got back down to business.  Even though it was 6 years later, I didn’t care, business was still business and he still looked real good doing it.  And the fact that something was going to get fixed on the fix it list, got me real excited.  Yep it’s still a turn on.

He then started cutting a hole in the kitchen ceiling.  After the hole was cut, he had me go upstairs to turn the water on so he could see were the leak was coming from.  We left the water run for a few minutes or so, but we couldn’t find no leak.  It was a miracle!  Our bathroom was not leaking anymore.  We even filled up the tub and released the water, but still no leak.  If this wasn’t a miracle , then we were going crazy lol  We then decided to take a break, because  one of our good friends stopped by to say hi.  While talking with our friend about our leaking problem, he stated to tell us about how his wife would always fill up the water past the overflow, and it would cause the tub to leak.  I asked him, what is the overflow?  He said right where the lever is. And then it hit me. It was like a switched flicked the light on in my head. Even Jimmy cliffs song from 1993 started playing in my head “I could see clearly now, the rain was gone”  I instantly looked at my hubby and said, Oh ya honey, I always fill up the water past the overflow, maybe that’s were the leak is coming from.  And if it is, then I guess we didn’t need to make that unnecessary hole in the kitchen ceiling.  Well If looks could kill again lol.  I would’ve been dead right on the spot.

Woman you can’t fill the water up past the overflow.  Well why not ? I need too, because I want to be able to cover my whole body.  You just can’t.  It’s not good to fill it up past the overflow.  Well the tub didn’t come with special instructions and i don’t remember them teaching us about the overflow in school, so how was I to know.  Besides now that we know what the problem is, are you going to fix it?

Maybe, only if you promise not to fill it up past the overflow again.

I promise I won’t honey.  I just want my tub fixed.


Alright alright I know, I just told a tiny little fib, but what he don’t know, won’t hurt him.  Besides I have never been one to listen to any man.  It’s just not in my nature.  I’m an independent woman.  And if I want water covering my whole body, then that’s what I’m going to get.

That same day he fixed the overflow and I’m very happy to report, I have been able to fill that bad boy up past the overflow and  take nice long baths now.  But we still have an unnecessary  hole in our kitchen ceiling.  That project can stay on the fix it list for bit longer, because I just got my tub fixed and I wasn’t about to push my luck lol  Besides I’m sure the hubby has alot of thinking to do for that project.  It’s a pretty big hole lol






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