Posted by CrazyRedders on June 28, 2015

FB_IMG_1435397305715Okay so I need everyone’s opinions on this.  Tell me what you think and what you would do in this situation.

I drove down to one of the local stores in my town, to get a few items for the house.  As soon as I walked into the store, right away the cashier stopped talking to the young girl he was talking too and looked at me and said “Welcome to the ________   _________.”  The first thing that came to mind, was to say thank you.  So I told him thank you.  I wasn’t sure whether it was the right thing to say or not, because I was really tired lol.  But I do know this, the simple thank you that I said back to him, was good manners.

After I said thank you, I walked away to start my shopping and the cashier and the girl continued to talk again.  They were talking so loud, I could here them complaining about how I only said thank you.  I mean what was I supposed to say?  At the time, I thought a thank you was sufficient enough.  I guess not at this store.  Apparently it is frowned upon in this establishment lol  It’s not like I was dating someone for a long time and they said I love you to me, and I all I said was thank you back.  I was shopping for household items for crying out loud.


So tell me what you all think, and if you would of said or did something differently.  I am very interested in hearing everyone’s views on this.  Please feel free share with all your friends.  I would love to hear from all you 🙂

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